When this Louis XV style frame, an early 20th century
reproduction, arrived at the studio for restoration, it was in
tatters. It had been stored, with the painting, in an old barn
for decades. Most of the composition ornament was cracked to
pieces with large sections missing. The hide glue joinery had
degraded to the point where the only things holding it
together were a few rusty pins and nails. This was an ideal
candidate for complete restoration.
We removed what was left of the original ornament, after
carefully recording its style and design, and proceeded to
repair the fractured joinery of the wooden structure.
We then redecorated the frame with new compo, closely
matching the original design. It was refinished in water-
gilt 22k genuine gold leaf.
approx. o.d. 65"x 45"
painting: "Marjana" by
William Wontner
painting restoration: Mark VanGelder,
                      Art Conservation Services, Austin, Tx.
private collection