Genuine Gold Leaf Picture Frames, Custom Designed Hand
Crafted, Hand Carved
Watergilded, Water-gilded, Water gilded,
gilt,gilding,Watergilding, Water-gilding
Water gilding, Water-guilding, guilding, guilded, gold-leaf,
goldleaf, 22 karat, 12 karat,
22k yellow gold leaf, 12k white gold leaf, Fine Art Picture Frames,
Museum Quality
This hand-carved, 17th century, Louis XIII water-gilt
frame is a testament to the lasting beauty of genuine
gold leaf. Despite its 300+ years , it was in
excellent condition when it arrived at the studio for
conservation. It required only minor repairs to
areas of chipped gesso, as the majority of the
original gilt surface was still intact. The wood
splined miters were still solid with only minor
cracks in the corners. What a wonderful example
of the frame-makers art.
The artwork, signed "Mignard" and painted in the
style of the French Baroque artist,
Pierre Mignard, is
an 18th century fake, placed in this frame by the
crafty forger to give it false provenance.
Though still a beautiful piece, the frame is more
valuable than the painting.